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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Some Color Ideas for Girl Bedroom

Generally, the girls taste is very predictable. It is normal because it is their basic nature. They must have liked something cute, girly, sweet and adorable. This also applies to the girl's room decor. If you are a cheerful girl, you need to apply a colorful decoration in your bedroom. Some color ideas for girl bedroom are pink, yellow, purple and red. These colors will affect your mood and feelings effectively. Apply these colors for wall decoration. Combine two colors for this, such as yellow and soft pink. Through this color combination, indirectly you show to your family and friends that you are an active and cheerful girl.

Besides, apply wallpaper or wall decal to present the uniqueness of the wall decoration. Be wise in choosing motifs or writing to the wall because it can reflect your mindset. Adjust the motif of your age. Do not use childish motifs if you are the teenager. Besides the walls, some color ideas for girl bedroom can also be applied to the flooring decor. Choose the cute colors and patterns for the bedroom carpet. Floral and dolls motifs in purple can be very sweet design. Purple also looks very good for curtains and bedding covers. Pair purple with white to show the impression of graceful and natural.

Next, use some color ideas for girl bedroom for the complementary accessories such as pencil box, trash bin and bookshelves. Nothing forbids you to apply the neutral shades such as black and white in the room. If you have a collection of colorful accessories, apply white and black to your chair and desk. You can also apply a particular concept for the ceiling decor. Choose the concept of sky that full of stars and cloud to be your ceiling. It will be a pleasant sight before you sleep.

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